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2016 Toyota Tacoma Trucks

When you need to hit the jobsite, you need a pickup truck that can handle everything you need to throw at it. There are a variety of Toyota truck features that make every model in this lineup useful to everyone on the job. Drivers in South Jordan, Draper, and Salt Lake City will truly enjoy the off road capabilities, towing, utility, and safety features found in all these vehicles. Check out all the Toyota truck features these vehicles offer.


When you’re on the job, towing equipment or other vehicles is often a necessity. These vehicles were meant to tow, and they were meant to do it seamlessly. Every Toyota truck boasts an impressive towing capacity that makes it easy for you to handle larger loads for work or for play. Trailer Sway Control technology applies brake pressure to keep your trailer stable no matter road or weather conditions. In addition, the powerful engines and steel design have the strength to ensure that your tow always gets where it needs to go safely.

Off Road

Sometimes the job takes you off the beaten path, and every Toyota truck was built to handle different terrains. With 4WD traction control, you can count on your truck to maintain a safe stability even when you’re on an uneven terrain. ABS systems help ensure you keep the control you need while off roading. Powerful front brakes and limited slip differential also provide the stability you need to have a truly controlled experience while on the job. Different drive modes also allow you to choose the traction and drive type you need for maximum control and maneuverability depending on your terrain.


Toyota understands that performing at work doesn’t just mean a strong truck; it also means plenty of storage for tools, equipment, and more. The utility of all these vehicles is truly impressive. Multiple bed lengths allow you to choose which one makes the most sense for your specific needs. Versatile tailgates also provide a variety of features to help make work easy, such as toolboxes, storage containers, and hitches. You can also raise and lower the tailgate to make it easier for you to get in and out or to load and unload the bed. The utility features also can be found on the inside, as fold-up rear seats provide more storage on the inside.


Your safety is always a priority when you’re on the job. No matter if you’re on the road or off, you can count on Toyota trucks to keep you safe. Each vehicle is made with strong steel frames to keep you constantly protected. Safety technology also provides the features you need to prevent and protect you in the event of collision, and the ToyotaCare package offers peace of mind for every driver. So no matter where you are, your safety will always be top of mind.


2016 Toyota TacomaThe Toyota Tacoma has been redefined to give drivers a new look while on the jobsite or road. Chiseled lines help this vehicle stand out, and available hood scoop not only catch the eye but also help improve the aerodynamics of this pickup. On the inside, soft-touch interior materials are not only attractive but also durable enough to handle everything you need. Design improvements have helped to improve the noise levels to provide a quieter ride.  And for fun, an available moonroof offers an exciting view, even while you’re on the job.


2016 Toyota TundraThe Toyota Tundra is another vehicle that will make an impact on the road. Dual exhaust and a 5.7L V8 engine give this vehicle a mighty stance and feel while on the road. TRD Pro Bilstein® front and rear shocks and TRD-tuned suspension make it possible to handle the jobsite with ease, and the pro-stamped bed truck with aluminum skid plates keep this vehicle working hard. On the inside, you can get away from the jobsite with finely stitched seats, crisp gauges, and plenty of space to stretch out and unwind.

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No matter what type of work truck you need, Brent Brown Toyota can help provide you with the Toyota truck features you need near South Jordan, Draper, and Salt Lake City. We have a full line of vehicles for you to choose from, and our team will help you make the right choice for your specific driving needs, whether for work or for play. Visit our dealership today to take a look at these vehicles, or contact us at 801.224.1320 to schedule your test drive.

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