Fun Facts About Electric Cars

2022 Toyota Corolla Hybrid

If you’ve been thinking about switching to an electric vehicle to save on gas and be more environmentally friendly, you’re not alone. Electric vehicles are growing in popularity around Provo and Draper, however, there are still plenty of things about electric vehicles that most people don’t know. Find out some surprising facts about electric cars with the associates at Brent Brown Toyota! 

The First EV Was Built in 1884

Thomas Park was a London innovator that was in charge of the city’s overhead tramways electrification. In order to reduce low-efficient, he designed and built the electric vehicle with his EC. They were fueled by high-capacity rechargeable batteries.

EVs Include More Than Just Cars

While you may be considering an electric car or SUV, there are numerous other electric vehicles on the road, including electric buses, trucks, and more!

You Can Charge Your Vehicle at Home, Work, or the Store

While you may have concerns about being able to charge an EV, there are more and more charging stations popping up in the Provo area! Now, you can charge your vehicle at work, your grocery store, the mall, or any other major establishment. What’s more, you can also turn your garage into an at-home charging station!

Six Categories of Electric Vehicles

While you may have heard of battery EVs, plugin-in, and hybrid vehicles, but did you know that there are actually six categories of electric vehicles? These six types include:

  1. Battery EVs- run entirely on electric motors and batteries with a mileage range that is 100-200 per charge.
  2. Plug-In Hybrids- use rechargeable batteries, electric motors, and internal combustion engines. Can run 30-40 miles per charge.
  3. Hybrid EVs– use small electric batteries and internal combustion engines. Their batteries are charged by engines or through regenerative braking. 
  4. Extended-Range EVs– use rechargeable batteries and internal combustion engines and have a mileage range of 40 per charge. 
  5. Neighborhood EVs- use batteries that are recharged from a 120-volt grid. 
  6. Hybrid EVs- use small electric batteries and internal combustion engines. Their batteries are charged by engines or through regenerative batteries.

Learn More Facts About Electric Cars With Brent Brown Toyota!

There are plenty of fun facts to learn about electric cars, and our manufacturer’s hub will be updated with more information about buying, owning, and maintaining electric vehicles. You can also explore our hybrid guide to learn more about electrified Toyota models. 


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