What Does the Toyota Logo Mean?

Toyota Logo

Many Lehi and Draper Toyota owners are unaware of the true Toyota logo meaning. When it comes to the Toyota logo history, Brent Brown Toyota in Orem is here to share all about it! So if you’re in the market for a new Toyota model, let’s take some time to learn about the meaning of the Toyota logo and Toyota’s history down below.

Toyota History

Everyone in Provo and beyond knows Toyota is one of the most recognizable and famous automaking brands in the world, all thanks to the historic Toyota logo. The Toyota logo history dates back to 1989 when it was made to appear in 1990 for Toyota’s 50th anniversary. In early Toyota history, the brand once was named “Toyoda” after the founding family’s name but then evolved into “Toyota” many years later. Since there was a name change, the Toyota logo brought consistency and created a brand identity the company did not have before.

Prior to the current Toyota logo, Toyota logo history will show that there used to be two different logos for Toyota cars and trucks. The Toyota logo for the truck was the Kanji mark and Shachihoko for the sedans.

Toyota Logo History

So what does the Toyota Logo mean? Well, there are two smaller circles within one larger circle to form the letter “T.” What does the T stand for? You are right to assume it stands for “Toyota” but it also stands for “trust.” Within Toyota history, the company has made it a priority for drivers to trust the brand when it comes to reliability, performance, and overall satisfaction. There are two perpendicular ovals within the larger overall that represent the heart of both the customer and Toyota company.

So what’s the true meaning of the Toyota logo? The larger circle completes the Toyota logo by symbolizing technological globalization and innovation. The Toyota logo was made to be symmetrical, so it looks the same whether it’s viewed head-on or through a rear-view mirror to further show their dedication to the brand and their customers.

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