Toyota Offers, Incentives, and Lease Deals

Explore national Toyota offers, Toyota lease deals, and auto dealer incentives available in Orem and greater Provo. Whether you’re ready to spring for a brand-new vehicle or you’re interested in a pre-owned car, it’s safe to say you’ll find what you’re looking for at a discount price when you choose Brent Brown Toyota. While you’re here, also check out our new vehicle specials, our used car deals, and our vehicles priced under $10,000 to broaden your horizons! But first, get help with deciding whether to pursue a lease or finance loan!

Benefits of Buying vs. Leasing

Lehi drivers will need to decide early on whether they’re more interested in our Toyota lease deals or Toyota finance offers. If you’re unsure of what the differences are, here’s a quick breakdown of what to expect:

  • Financing: When you finance, your payments go towards the full purchase price of the vehicle. Since you’re taking out a loan on the full price of the vehicle, you can expect to make larger monthly payments and to put more money down. That said, one day the vehicle will be yours to sell, and you’ll see thousands from the sale.
  • Leasing: When you lease, you’re paying for the value that you use over the course of 3 years. Once your 3-year lease term is up, you can walk away from the model, swap it out for the latest and greatest, renew your lease, or finance the remaining value. Because you’re only financing 3 years of depreciation, you can expect smaller monthly payments and less money down. That said, you won’t see money from a future sale.

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Folks who take advantage of national Toyota offers can get an even better deal on the models we sell at Brent Brown Toyota because we offer a variety of ways to save. Head on over to the go-to Orem car dealership, or contact one of our representatives today to find out what we can do for you.