Toyota Offers, Incentives, and Lease Deals

Toyota Lease Deals vs. Toyota Financing Deals

When you’re looking to acquire a new vehicle at Brent Brown Toyota of Orem, it’s important to understand the difference between Toyota lease deals and Toyota financing deals. One could potentially have more benefits than the other, depending on your financial forecast and how often you plan on using the vehicle.

Different Toyota Offers: Leasing vs. Buying

Before you’re able to make an educated decision between Toyota lease deals and Toyota financing deals, you must understand a clear definition of each.

Toyota Financing Deals

When you finance a vehicle through Brent Brown Toyota, you borrow money from a financial institution via our finance department. Depending on your interest rate, a portion of your monthly payments goes toward the principal, and a bit goes towards interest. At Brent Brown Toyota, we work hard to maintain excellent relationships with our loan providers in an effort to secure our customers the best interest rates possible. In this situation, the car is yours, and the longer you make payments, the more equity you build, which could be beneficial if you decide to offer the vehicle in trade for something newer.

Toyota Lease Deals

When you lease a vehicle, you make monthly payments in exchange for the possession of a car for a set number of months. After the lease term is over, you must return the vehicle. Lease payments are usually lower, but the agreements typically contain mileage limitations.

Benefits of Buying vs. Leasing

Lehi drivers will need to decide early on whether they’re more interested in our Toyota lease deals or Toyota finance offers. If you’re unsure of what the differences are, here’s a quick breakdown of what to expect:

  • Financing: When you finance, your payments go towards the total purchase price of the vehicle. Since you’re taking out a loan on the full cost of the car, you can expect to make larger monthly payments and put more money down. That said, the vehicle will be yours to sell one day, and you’ll see thousands from the sale.
  • Leasing: When you lease, you’re paying for the value you use over three years. Once your 3-year lease term is up, you can walk away from the model, swap it out for the latest and greatest, renew your lease, or finance the remaining value. Because you’re only financing three years of depreciation, you can expect smaller monthly payments and less money down. That said, you won’t see money from a future sale.

Toyota Lease Deals and Toyota Finance Deals: Who Benefits from Each?

Depending on your situation, one of these Toyota offers works better than the other. A Toyota lease deal benefits Lehi drivers in the following scenarios:

  • If you work remotely from home and don’t make as much of a commitment to driving, it’s likely you won’t go over your mileage limits. Anyone who frequently moves for work could also make a good candidate for leasing. In addition, leasing could be a favorable scenario if you enjoy driving a vehicle with the latest features or something that might otherwise be out of your budget.

However, if the following is similar to your lifestyle, a Toyota finance deal might work better:

  • If you travel a substantial distance for your personal and professional life and plan on remaining in one area for a significant amount of time, buying might be more attractive. Anyone planning on improving their credit and owning assets should also stick to financing.

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