Reused Toyota Hybrid Batteries are Providing Sustainable Energy for Yellowstone National Park

May 14th, 2015 by

Toyota has “flipped” the switch on a sustainable power generator that is producing reliable, zero emission power to the Lamar Buffalo Ranch. Lamar Buffalo Ranch is a field campus that is both a ranger station and educational center in Yellowstone National Park that was founded in 1907.

This innovative distribution energy system, combines solar power generation and re-used Camry Hybrid battery packs. This is a power project has been in the works since June 2014 when Toyota and Yellowstone announced their partnership for keeping Yellowstone one of the most pristine national parks in the United States.

“Toyota’s innovative Response to solve a difficult problem has helped Yellowstone move closer to its goal of becoming the greenest park in the world,” said Steve Lobst, acting superintendent of Yellowstone.

Here are the details of the Yellowstone National Park Sustainability Project Energy Storage and Management System as posted by Toyota:

  • Power Generation: 40kW solar system producing ~67,900 kwH annually. (40kW propane backup generator onsite for emergency use only)
  • Storage Array: 208 repackaged battery packs, each internally re-wired in parallel and arranged in series in four arrays of 52. Each array provides a nominal 375 volts.  Total storage capacity of 85kwH.
  • Power Management: Indy Power Systems’ Energy Router™ manages and optimizes generation and use of energy between solar energy, battery storage, and/or propane generators (if emergency generator is needed).

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