Toyota Dashboard Warning Lights

2020 Toyota Dashboard

It happens sometimes, you’re driving through Orem when a light pops up on your dashboard. In most cases this will be a general service light, signaling that it’s time to have your oil changed at our service center. However, you may encounter a symbol you don’t recognize, which is where this guide on Toyota error lights from Brent Brown Toyota will come in handy. Learn more about Toyota dashboard warning lights and their meanings with Brent Brown Toyota below, or contact us directly with any questions!

Toyota Error Light Meanings

If you encounter any Toyota error lights that you’re unfamiliar with, you can always refer to your owner’s manual for pictures and their meanings. However, for a quick reference, you can refer to the guide below provided by the service technicians at Brent Brown Toyota.

Common Symbols

  • Service Vehicle: The service light will turn on if it’s time for your regularly scheduled Toyota maintenance. It also acts as a “catch-all” light for a variety of non-engine related issues.
  • Washer Fluid Reminder: This light means your washer fluid is low and needs to be refilled.
  • High Beam Light Indicator: This light signals to you that your brights are on.
  • Door Ajar: This light indicates that a door or your trunk is not closed completely.
  • Cruise Control: This light informs you that cruise control or adaptive cruise control is engaged as your drive on Provo roads.

Safety Symbols

  • Airbag Fault: This light indicates that there is a fault in the airbag system and you should visit a Toyota service center.
  • Transmission Temperature: This light indicates that the temperature in your transmission is above normal. Check your coolant levels, fan operation, the radiator cap, and check for leaks to resolve the issue.
  • Traction Control Light: The TCS light indicates that your Toyota has turned on traction control to ensure you stay safe on Lehi roads.
  • Coolant Temp Warning: This light means your coolant levels are not where they should be, that your fan isn’t functioning properly, or there is a leak in your coolant tank.
  • Reduced Power Warning: This light typically means that one of your engine components isn’t functioning properly.


  • ABS: This light comes on when the anti-lock braking system is engaged and preventing the wheels from locking up during braking.
  • Brake Fluid: This light comes on when your brake fluid is low.
  • Brake Lights Warning: This light means your brake lights are not working properly or not illuminating. Check this as soon as possible to ensure that you remain safe on Draper roads.
  • Parking Brake Light: This light means your parking brake is on. It’s often shown as a “P” within a circle.
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Have Your Car serviced at Brent Brown Toyota!

Now that you know the Toyota dashboard warning lights and their meanings, if one of your Toyota error lights comes on during your Orem commute, schedule a service appointment with Brent Brown Toyota to have the issue resolved. You can also browse our service specials for savings on certain services. We look forward to hearing from you!

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