Seven Days, 3,456 Miles, and One TRD Scion FR-S Project Car

May 4th, 2015 by

Toyota Production Engineers are stepping up for a Cannonball Run inspired race. Brock Yates, auto racer, writer for Car and Driver Magazine, and screenplay writer of Cannonball Run originally organized the One Lap of America Endurance Race. His son Brock Yates Jr. now organizes the race, and from May 2-9 Toyota engineers, Anthony Magagnoli and Stephen Byington, and their team will see just how far man and machine can go.

“A race like the One Lap, is a true test of man and machine, said lead driver and Toyota Instrumentation Engineer Anthony Magagnoli. Not only is the vehicle pushed to its limits covering nearly 4,000 miles in seven days with race events at 10 racetracks along the way, but the driver and co-driver are pushed to the max as well having to endure long hours in transit between events with no support crew to help with repairs or maintenance along the way.”

Both Magagnoli and Byington have extensive professional racing experience. The Endurance’s Route will leave South Bend, Ind., on Saturday, May 2, and continue on through Omaha, Ne.; Denver, Colo.; Pueblo, Colo.; Forth Worth, Texas.; Plano, Texas.; Tulsa, Okla.; Bowling Green, Ky.; and will end back in South Bend on Saturday, May 9.

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