Land Cruiser From Start to Finish

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2016 Toyota Land Cruiser

If you’re looking for a rugged vehicle that won’t quit in the Draper area, you might be looking for the Toyota Land Cruiser. This all-terrain vehicle has been a top choice for the most tough and dangerous applications since its inception. Get it today from Brent Brown Toyota.

How the Land Cruiser Began

The origin of the Toyota Land Cruiser has its roots in the Pacific theater in World War II. In 1941, the Japanese army took the Philippines from the Americans. One of the items they salvaged was an American Bantam Jeep, which was quickly shipped back to the authorities in Japan. The Toyota company was chosen to begin work on a vehicle with similar capabilities, but with an appearance that could not be mistaken for an American car. Later during the war, Toyota produced a light truck called the AK10, although few of them were ever used in battle.

By 1951, the American military has several bases in Japan with which to more effectively fight the Korean War. Toyota began developing a series of military trucks that the Americans could use domestically, rather than having to have trucks shipped all the way from America.

Civilian Use

By 1955, the Korean war had ended, and military vehicles were no longer in such high demand. The second generation of this vehicle was introduced as the Land Cruiser, a name chosen to compete with the popular Land Rover in England. This generation of trucks was designed to appeal more to civilians looking for a capable small truck, and was largely aimed at an export market.

The 1957 Land Cruiser saw the addition of a four-door station wagon, something that certainly never would have been used in wartime. The Land Cruiser was popular in Australia as the very first Japanese car available in the southern continent.

Success in America

The Toyota Land Cruiser steadily grew in popularity in overseas markets, including America. In 1965, the Land Cruiser became the best-selling Toyota in the United States, having passed the 50,000 vehicle mark. Production took off, with the 100,000th Land Cruiser produced in 1968 and the 300,000th by 1973. The Toyota Land Cruiser Association was founded in California in 1976. The Land Cruiser was also sold to the Irish Army, although it was not a success as the wet weather caused the Cruiser to rust.

Today’s Land Cruiser

The Toyota Land Cruiser has continued to be a favorite of drivers all over the world. Recent developments have included a plethora of special editions, as well as upgraded suspension, stronger engines, and technologically advanced features. The Night View feature is a unique system that emits infrared light, projecting the night vision reflection on the lower half of the windshield. You’ll get this and more when you find your perfect used Land Cruiser!

Get the Land Cruiser

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