Toyota Safety Features

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Toyota has long been known in the South Jordan area for being one of the safest car brands around. Toyota’s safety features are unparalleled, with cutting-edge technology that will keep you safe in Draper. Get your new Toyota today from Brent Brown Toyota.

Pre-Collision Vehicle Detection

Pre-collision vehicle detection uses a specialized camera and laser to scan the area in front of your vehicle, detecting the size, speed, and direction of cars and other obstacles in your path. When the pre-collision system detects that you’re likely to collide with the vehicle ahead of you, it will use an audio and visual alert to prompt you to hit the brakes. The Brake Assist system applies the brakes automatically when needed, either adding brake force to your stop, or hitting the brakes if you’re not able to do it. Pre-collision vehicle detection will greatly reduce the number of car crashes in the United States.

Pedestrian Detection

The pre-collision system’s camera can detect some pedestrians crossing in front of your car under the right conditions. When it detects a pedestrian, it will engage the brakes or send braking force to your system using Brake Assist.

Full Speed Dynamic Radar Cruise Control

When you engage cruise control, the Dynamic Radar Cruise Control system springs into action. It detects the speed and proximity of the vehicle traveling ahead of you, and matches your driving speed to maintain a preset distance between you and the car.

Lane Departure Alert

The lane departure alert system uses a specialized camera to scan the lane lines on the road, keeping track of white and yellow lines. When the system detects that you’re drifting out of your lane or onto the side of the road, it will sound an alert and give you a visual alert so you can steer your vehicle back into the correct lane. The lane departure alert system is made to work best when you’re going 32 mph or over, and on roads or streets that are relatively straight.

Automatic High Beams

When you enable the automatic high beams, your vehicle uses an in-vehicle camera to scan ahead of you, detecting headlights of approaching vehicles and the taillights of the vehicles you’re driving behind. This system switches automatically between low and high beams when needed. This helps you make the road a safer place by avoiding sending your high beam glare into other drivers’ eyes, while still providing the visibility that you need. Using the high beams when needed also lets you detect obstacles or pedestrians in your path before there’s a collision.

Get Your Toyota Today

Only your Toyota car, truck, or SUV can bring you the Toyota Safety Sense suite. With these advanced new driver awareness features in addition to Toyota’s already stellar suite of safety features, you’ll be sound and secure driving around South Jordan in your car all day long! Get your new Toyota vehicle at Brent Brown Toyota today by calling us at (801) 224-1320 or come see us at 1400 Sandhill Rd., Orem.

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