Tradition Meets Innovation: Titusville, PA Comes Full Circle With Some Help From The Toyota Mirai

June 10th, 2015 by

Toyota is introducing a new wave of opportunity for the future of hydrogen fuel celled vehicles. Through the minds of Toyota engineers and the eyes of documentary filmmakers T.J. Martin and Dan Lindsay, Fueled By is a series that showcases how the auto industry can grow and change toward the future.

“This small Pennsylvania town saw the boom and bust of the oil industry, making it the perfect place to tell the story of hydrogen as a future fuel and the Toyota Mirai,” T.J. Martin, filmmaker of Toyota’s Fueled By series said. “The residents’ genuine curiosity and enthusiasm for the next step in our country’s transportation story can inspire us all to think differently about energy and technology.”

Larry Moulthrop, Engineer and Co-Founder of Proton Onsite, shows the students of Titusville, PA how hydrogen can be pulled out of water and channeled into energy in a process called water electrolysis. After explaining and showing these students the process, the students presented the experiment to the community of Titusville and showed the community the real life application of hydrogen fuel with a new Toyota Mirai.

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